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Monday, July 31, 2006

Breaking News

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia six months to June results:
  • Sales - 23.99 trln rupiah vs 19.38 trln
  • Opg profit - 10.81 trln rupiah vs 8.09 trln
  • Net profit - 5.82 trln rupiah vs 3.80 trln
  • EPS - 288.71 rupiah vs 188.66

PT Medco Energi Internasional (MEDC.JK) said Tuesday its that first-half net profit rose 15% on year because of higher commodity prices. Net profit between January and June rose to $55.09 million from $47.75 million a year earlier. The gas and oil producer, which is controlled by the Panigoro Family, said its net revenue rose 26% on year to $372.03 million. The increase in net revenue was, however, offset by operating expenses, which rose 32% on year to $59.45 million. The company didn't say why its operating expenses escalated. As of June 30, its assets were $1.76 billion, compared with $1.40 billion a year earlier. Its short-term debts totaled $170.06 million, compared with $154.46 million a year earlier.


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