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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Basic Trader Character

I just want to share something that I learnt early in my study about trading and investment. The first book about Technical analysis that I read is "Technical analysis explained", written by Martin J.Pring. The book is not good as the others that I read after that. I found that book on my campus library (actually this is the only technical analysis book in my campus library, what a shame?).

As a novice, It was hard for me to grasp about technical analysis from that book. But I found only one interesting topic in that book. The topic looks like as something that has nothing to do with technical analysis – the main reason that I read that book – because it is printed on the preface chapter. Later on in my development process, I found it as very important topic in trading and deeply explained on the other books. It is just about important character that trader must has and develop. Even though it is only a preface by Mr.Pring, I have a lot of interest of this phrase.

Patience, discipline, and objectivity.

It only contains of three words, but it explains what you must develop to be a great trader. Some people have this trait as a nature, but fortunately it can be learned and developed.


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